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Roaming the Streets of Berlin

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I still find it hard to imagine that I roamed the streets of this cosmopolitan city with my 2 brothers as a young child.  I found this video and really enjoyed it....  I've been missing my favorite childhood city a lot lately for some reason.

I hope my  fellow Berlin Brats  enjoy this as much as I did.  I often find myself looking for videos of my old stomping grounds, specifically Sundguaer Strasse,  but have yet to really find any.  If anyone has any to share,  I would love to see them.  The closest thing I have to seeing it again is Google Maps (street view).  I waited a long time for that to happen.. I know Google had some problems with the German government concerning privacy.    However, I believe they got it straightened out..  I did find some videos of the S Bahn near our housing however.  I can't wait until the day I visit there and post videos of my own.

(if you are reading this from your mobile device, you can see the video I speak of Here)

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