Theme Song My Life?

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Updated 4/29/2016 13:09.  After reading below and you have (or know of someone) who has the necessary skills to help.. Please go to the  Project Page for  I want to develop this idea into a mobile app and website.  This will be split into two projects. One for the Mobile App AND the other for a Website (written in PHP).  If you can do both, great.


I'm always buying domains... I collect them.  I don't develop everything I purchase.  But  I noticed that the domain was getting a lot of type in traffic... so I decided to do something with it.. it only took me a minute.

My nephew watches a lot of YouTube.  It seems to have replaced television, at least for him.  One of the things missing from many of these "Youtube shows"  is a theme song.  I always LOVED a good theme song,  it kind of sets the mood for the show.  It gets you to think about the people who are going to be in it.   I remember when I was very young,  the theme song to Dynasty really impressed me.  Even though it was a day time soap opera,  I loved it.. and especially,  as I mentioned, the intro to the show.

So anyway,  I spent a little bit of time having fun making my own theme song over the long weekend... for my life.  You gotta have some fun, right??   I included those who have a recurring and important role  in my life.   Just because someone is not in the intro to my life, does not mean they don't play a role... or aren't necessarily important... it just means it's not a consistent one... or it means I'm trying to phase them out... or it could even mean they've been permanently dropped from "my show". Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever, right?

So who's in YOUR show?    Don't put too much significance on people you can write out of your show at any time. Some people will always be there though, no matter what.  Those are the people who deserve to be in your opening credits... those are the people that deserve your attention when trying to preserve valuable relationships.  Do what it takes,  good people you care about and trust are hard to come by.

Treasure your relationships and be sure you give more than you receive.

One of my favorite quotes;


A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.  Walter Winchell

So anyway,  here's mine!!

You want one?


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